Review of Mixed Mayhem: Veronica Leal

Review of DefeatedMixed Mayhem: Veronica Leal – 28.5 mins

It’s Mixed Mayhem time again and you know what that means, one of our beautiful roster members are going to end up one the wrong side (or the right side, depending who you ask) of a brutal one-sided beatdown. The lovely lass up to bat this time is the still new Veronica and we have just the right guy to literally break her in. After a brief standoff, Veronica is immediately in big trouble as she gets trapped in a sleeper hold and brought to the ground, only moments later fall limp in the hands of her assailant. From this point on it’s an incredible wreckfest as Veronica is bent, twisted, stretched, stripped, beatdown, humiliated and of course eventually defeated. In fact, I would say that Veronica spent most of this match completely limp, which might have been a blessing in disguise, as I don’t think she would have wanted to be conscious for all of this. Nonetheless, this was another epic Mixed Mayhem match up that left poor Veronica with nothing but one shoe and one sock left on otherwise naked and definitely broken body.

I’ve got more action from Defeated for you guys and this time we have another entry into their always growing Mixed Mayhem series. I am telling you guys this is a series that can go on forever, Defeated is always adding new girls and they seem to have a great handful of guys that are totally capable of doing some serious manhandling. This time we have Veronica, who hasn’t been in too many videos yet, going up against another random man I don’t believe I’ve seen before. Nonetheless this is without question Veronica’s best performance yet and arguably the most brutal looking Mixed Mayhem video so far. Veronica really does seem to spend more of this video unconscious than she does awake, but I wouldn’t quite call this a ragdoll match as Veronica is able to wake up all the time, she just gets put back to sleep moments later. Veronica’s flexibility plays a great role in this, as she spends a lot of time folded in all sorts of directions, it’s really awesome to see. And I love that she ends up completely naked, except for one shoe. I always complain about how quickly the shoes come off in these videos and the first shoe does come off only minutes in, but I know a compromise when I see it and I’ll take it. One shoe is better than none. So the Mixed Mayhem greatness continues for Defeated with this wonderful addition and now we get to wait and see who’s next. Of course my vote is always Amirah, but maybe we’ll get something truly unexpected, like Elizabeth, or Stella. Hey a guy a dream, right? Either way I can’t wait to find out.

Overall Score: 9.5/10