Review of Mistress Hannah and her Fembot

Review of Hannah in FetishlandMistress Hannah and her Fembot – 18 mins

Mistress Hannah is a dominatrix and a cat fight champion. Keri is her slave who is trained to be like a fembot. Hannah always does a rehearsal with Keri before she films her customs. Hannah is relaxing on a sofa dressed in a black vinyl dominatrix suit with matching black shoes with heels, Keri in white bra and panties is lying at her mistress’s feet waiting to serve. On her forehead “Slave  and “Property of Ms Hannah” on her belly and back. Hannah then puts her bare feet on Keri’s thighs, crotch, belly, breasts, throat and finally on her lips, nose and then covering the entire face, smothering the slave. Keri kicks and struggles but goes limp and lies spread eagle.After a few moments Hannah slowly removes her suit in front of the camera and is now clad only in a black bikini thong. She kicks the  Keri who rolls over a bit forward. Hannah gets up and stands with both her feet on Keri’s belly, and slowly tramples her. Keri is now conscious and screams in pain. Hannah gets off and says practice time.Keri gets up only to be met by a barrage of punches from Miss Hannah to her face, breast and belly, followed by a kick to the mid section and a fierce kick to the face which sends Keri down. She says Scissors time and goes on and applies some painful scissor holds across various parts of Keri’s body. Then she calls out and does a few other wrestling moves including a Boston crab, Surf board, Bow and arrow and belly splashes. Hannah then pushes Keri down and does a humiliating face sit pin  Keri’s legs twitch, and then is completely out with eyes half open and tongue hanging out. Mistress Hannah now practices her victory poses placing her victorious feet on Keri’s thighs, crotch, belly, breasts, throat and then on the face. She flips Keri’s body with her feet. Keri now lies on her stomach, feet and arms spread wide, chin resting on the floor, tongue out, Hannah ties a leash around Keri’s neck, puts her right foot on top of Keri’s head, holds the leash in her right hand and raises her left hand in triumph.

Got an older video from Hannah Perez’s production here. I am still looking to get more Hannah in my life, but it’s hard to pass up an opportunity to see Keri Spectrum get her butt kicked. I love that Keri is a fembot here and has no will of her own, so as much as I don’t like the foot worshiping stuff, I get it and it makes sense for the story, but luckily that scene doesn’t last too long. The best part of this is the middle of the video and the majority of the video, where Hannah is just beating up her fembot with different submission holds that turn out a few knockouts as well. The KOs are great, Keri sells them like the veteran she is and she does a little tongue protrusion for most of them. After Keri is good and beaten Hannah puts a leash around Keri’s neck, which was mostly just for her victory pose, but it also choked Keri a bit, causing her tongue to stick out some more and her eyes to roll back. I love seeing Keri play the jobber role, she’s pure excellence all the time and her not even having the will to fight back or resist makes this one ever sweeter for me.

Overall Score: 9/10