Review of Mia POV Boxing Clip

Review of Faith’s Fetish ProductionsMia POV Boxing Clip – 24 mins

A persistent Mia X Hope gets knocked out a bunch of times. Includes: Twitching, Drool, Eye Rolls, Goofy KOs.

For those that don’t know, the truly amazing Goddess Faith has her own production and produces a wide variety of videos. Of that variety are several OTT POV boxing videos, unsurprisingly made for yours truly. This is the latest and the greatest of those POV boxing vids as the lovely Mia Hope tries her best to take you on, only to fail in spectacular fashion! The knockouts come one after the other, but Mia refuses to stay down and give up, although sometimes needing a min to gather herself as we fade to black, she is ready to go again on the other side. Exhaustion also settles in as the beatdown continues, but even staggering on her own two feet MIa still wants more. Eventually she can take no more and finally goes down for a finally twitchy knockout. For a little added humiliation, you take Mia’s top, leaving her out cold, toples and still twitching on the mats. I think Mia is one underrated jobber, she really sold the hell out of this and has done a wonderful job in other videos too. We definitely need to see Mia in more roles like this. And as for Faith’s Fetish Productions, be sure to take a look around her store for more videos like this, starring the Goddess herself and Madison Swan! 

Overall Score: 10/10