Review of Mia Hope Knocked Out & Captured As Miss Captain America

Review of DJsleepyproductionsMia Hope Knocked Out & Captured As Miss Captain America – 13 mins

Mia Hope depicts a Miss Captain America who is captured & knocked out by an evil organization trying to receive intel. So, this organization sends their best member to get the intel by knocking her out with a list of moves set up for him on a white board. The criminal finally gets the intel from a very small logo that only his super villain eyesight can see on the bottom of her boot and gets her to confess the intel and knocks her out one last time with an evil spell in a knife leaving her left out cold in the villain headquarters.

Here’s a clip from DJsleepyproductions starring the outstanding Mia Hope, who has really flown through my personal rankings and is absolutely one of my favorites now. This video is simple and lovely, as it’s basically just DJ ragdolling Mia around for a couple of minutes trying to integrate her. Sure Mia wakes up here and there, but she’s out cold more often than not and it’s really hard to answer questions when you’re unconscious. Anyway, it’s not super over the top, but there is some drooling and a bit of twitching. I also love Mia’s superheroine outfit, not only because she’s wearing converse boots, which I can’t get enough of, but it’s just something different. I love bikinis as much as the next guy, but it’s nice to mix in some different looks, like superheroines and so on, when you can. Overall, although I would assume this is an easier role for Mia, as she was out cold for most of it, I still think she did great and for the few moments she was awake too. Great for fans of squash matches, check it out. 

Overall Score: 9/10