Review of Meryl, The Wrestler

Review of DefeatedMeryl, The Wrestler – 20 mins

Meryl is in front of the camera and she’s talking about how she grew up as a wrestler and that she’s tougher than anyone else. Queue the sneak attack, as Stella enters from behind, locking Meryl in a sleeper hold. Meryl struggles hard, but goes out, and we mean she goes completely out. Stella gets to ragdoll Meryl trough several holds and Meryl says lifeless. Stella feeling like she’s got the victory in the bag, grabs Meryl’s face and starts to talk trash, but before Stella can get two words out, Meryl springs to life quickly taking Stella down and taking over the match. Stella tries to fight back, but turns out to be no match for Meryl, at all. Meryl uses several submission holds to wear down Stella until she good and weak. Meryl kicks the beaten jobber around a little bit, knowing she got her beat. A kick to the face renders Stella motionless on the mats. Now Meryl get to ragdoll Stella for a bit, but Meryl isn’t happy with that, she forces Stella back into the land of the living and continues her beatdown, even just for a while she kicking Stella around, keeping her on the mats, or putting a foot on her back to make sure she stays down. A nice long sleeper puts Stella out of her misery. Meryl bounds Stella’s hands behind her back before posing Stella to lay with her butt in the air for the perfect victory pose.

Back with more Defeated action for you guys and I got another good one for you guys with this one, as Meryl as Stella go at it. This one is uniquely fun for the fact that both ladies get ragdolled for just a little bit. First Meryl, as Stella gets a sneak attack KO and Meryl goes out cold for a little while as Stella ragdolls her through a few submissions. Soon enough Meryl comes back and counters Stella and at a point during the beatdown Meryl is dishing out, Stella goes full ragdoll for a short time, but Meryl wakes her back up for a little more beatdown and then a final KO. This is definitely another win/win for me as both Meryl and Stella are great jobbers and even thought this one isn’t OTT, a little ragdoll action is always a plus. I also like the outfits, which is both bikinis really, although Meryl has on a little skirt, making hers a bit of a sexy school girl look, but nonetheless both ladies look great, the converse boots help too. And the action excluding the ragdoll action is good too, which was mostly Stella’s beatdown, which of course she sold perfectly. Overall, it was nice to see a little back and forth ragdolling, both ladies look and sell beautifully, making this a video I would suggest checking out.

Overall Score: 9.5/10