Review of Macy Nikole Knocked Out 2

Review of Girls Getting SleepyMacy Nikole Knocked Out 2 – 11.5 mins

Macy is relaxing in her room, playing on her phone in just her bra and panties. Suddenly a man walks into her living room who has been hiding in the bedroom. Macy is startled, and before she can react, she is hit over the head. Her eyes cross and her tongue sticks out. After several seconds, she is out cold. Her body is his toy to play with now. He pays close attention to Macy’s tits, ass and feet. Anytime she wakes up, she gets knocked out again. Knocked out 3 times.

After Macy Nikole’s recent and impressive visit to SKW, I have started searching for more of her knockout content, even though I was actually tipped off about this one by one of you guys out there, the fact remains that I have been on the search for Macy KO content. As most of you know, I am not the biggest fan of GGS vids, but when they bring in the right models, AKA Victoria and now Macy, I literally can’t resist. To be clear, the reason I don’t really like GGS is because I don’t really like feet and that’s the main thing. The video in question today though has a detail a do really love, with is tongue protrusion and some really good eye crossing. It’s not often that we find GGS doing any kind of OTT KOs, that aren’t the laughing, knocked silly type. So, it was really refreshing to see that, coupled with Macy Nikole, mind you. However, it is still a GGS video, so you get lots of limp play and close ups of her feet. There’s also some really nice KO poses, face play, a touch of spanking and a few other enjoyable sleepy based activities that go on during this video. So as per usual, the GGS video lands in the middle-ish area for me. As I mentioned, not a big fan of bare feet, but I love the tongue out and eye crossing. And of course, the rest of Macy Nikole is a pleasurable sight.

Overall Score: 8.5/10