Review of Mackenzi’s KO Scenes

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsMackenzi’s KO Scenes – 32 mins

This spectacular custom video is filled with over-the-top reactions, eyes rolling, tongue out, twitching fun, all performed by the beautiful Mackenzi. She meets you in the studio to demonstrate how great she is as a jobber and looks forward to acting our scenes you’ve chosen. She begins by demonstrating how she can roll her eyes, stick her tongue out, and fall in a knockout. We move on to the scenes that you’ve selected. She plays the role of a sentry, a wrestling jobber, a rag doll, and a captive in an interrogation. She also asks you to let her play out a few of her own fantasies of being a villain who gets knocked out by the hero as well as a bratty schoolgirl bully who gets ko’ed. Throughout the scenes Mackenzi breaks character to tell you what you can do to her while she’s knocked out like checking her eyes, doing an overkill nerve pinch, some limp play, and instructions on things you can do to her. She flashes her beautiful smile throughout the video and really enjoys herself as she does her best acting for you! DON’T MISS THIS EPIC MACKENZI VIDEO!!

What may honestly be one of the best girlfriend experience videos I’ve ever seen even though it’s not exactly meant to be a girlfriend experience, it definitely works as one. If you just imagine Mackenzi is your girlfriend, fulfilling your fantasies and really enjoying it herself, it really puts this video in even a better place, in my opinion, than it was originally meant to be. Mackenzi is super cute in the video and really does an awesome job selling everything. Her acting is on point too as she is incredibly charming, with just the right amount of sweetness and silliness. I love how this video has Mackenzi playing several different roles and changing her outfit just a bit for each role. I didn’t like how much she broke character during some of the scenes, but it actually makes it feel more real, as she pauses for a moment and gives you ideas of what to do to her next. It actually makes sense in the overall theme of the video. The action is great, tons and tons of KOs, lots of OTT reactions and some great traditional FWR silliness. I also like that she always had some on her feet too. I know it’s not a big deal to a lot of folks, but not being a fan of bare feet, it’s a plus point for me. I would love to see something like these become a series, with a bunch of the awesome FWR girls taking their turn to play some sweet and sexy roles in a style like this. Mackenzi has definitely set the bar high though.

Overall Score: 9.9/10