Review of Mackenzi Owns Peyton

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsMackenzi Owns Peyton – 19 mins

Peyton is seen sitting on the couch in her street clothes talking to her manager. When she finds out her next opponent is Mackenzi she looses it, calling the girl a skank and a bitch! But she doesn’t realize that Mackenzi is listening. Mackenzi, the ultra-beauty dressed to kill, suddenly emerges and knocks Peyton out with sleeping gas. Then the fun begins! Mackenzi destroys poor Peyton with kicks, stomps, punches, and some wrestling holds. Peyton is continually knocked out only to wake up to more beatings. Mackenzi finally ties binds Peyton’s wrists and ankles, gags her, and ties her to the ring post for added punches and kicks before knocking her out and writing “I’m Mackenzi’s Bitch” on her belly. The sultry beauty plants a kiss on Peyton’s lips and whispers in her ear, “I’m ready for a rematch whenever you decide to wake up, bitch!” You’ll LOVE this domination match!

If it’s not Becca, I am really happy to have Peyton play the jobber in one of these awesome beatdown videos. Peyton is obviously a fan favorite just like Becca and this is a clear example on why she is. Although that being said, this has been more of a Peyton role, then a Becca role lately and that’s perfectly fine with me. I love how cocky she is at the start, and how badly this turns out for her. I love how Mackenzi catches Peyton talking all that trash and decides to fix her right then and there. I also like that this one was more of a fisticuffs style beatdown and not so much wrestling, even though there are some wrestling moves used. I liked that Mackenzi might have been about to show Peyton some mercy, but when Peyton used that chance to attack Mackenzi, once she was back in control Mackenzi had no more mercy for Peyton. And of course I love the outfits here, of course Mackenzi’s outfit is sexy as can be, but I also love Peyton’s more casual look, with her usual ripped jeans and sneakers. I love these kind of videos, they’re brutal and so well done, I can’t wait to see more like this.

Overall Score: 9.9/10