Review of Ludella on the Hunt

Review of Fetishlands Fight NightLudella on the Hunt – 12 mins

Ludella Hahn, a predator, starts off her day well by dragging Indica, her prey, up into her den. She lays her down and stretches to get settled after a successful hunt while the deer lies there and squirms a bit, grabbing her neck.  She’s clearly still alive, but not in great shape.  After Ludella stretches, she crawls back over to her and hungrily looks her over as she straddles her back. Ludella: “That was a great chase, you almost got away back there, but I managed to trip you just before you would have escaped with your friends…I’m sure they’re going to miss you…” Ludella leans in for the bite. Pausing momentarily when her prey begins to speak. Indica:  “Wait, wait, please…” Ludella:  “Shhh, much too late for begging, and I’m verrrry hungry” With that said, she leans in and delivers a bite to the back of Indica’s neck. She kicks a bit, but doesn’t put up much of a fight.  As Ludella is finishing her off she notices the camera and quickly crawls off the bed to hide.  Ludella slowly re-appears and cautiously crawls back over to her prey with her eyes still locked on the camera. Ludella rolls Indica over and bites her neck to finish the job before angrily crawling over Indica in your direction.. Ludella: “You’re either very stupid or very brave setting up near my den…this is a private place for myself and my prey…I highly suggest you pick up your things and get out of here immediately, because if you’re still here when I’m done eating her I’m going to be having dessert…” Ludella angrily crawls back towards Indica and eats with her back to you,. glancing back at you occasionally.  Another day… Ludella crawls around stretching and rubbing her stomach… Ludella:  “Just great, you’re still here…I spent a few days in my den eating and napping off my last prey and I was hopeful you’d be long gone.  Well you might as well tag along now, just stay behind me and promise you’ll leave after this next prey” Suddenly Ludella hears something and drops lower to the ground licking her lips. She crawls off towards something… While Indica is cautiously grazing, Ludella appears in the foreground staying as low as she can as she approaches.  Suddenly the deer spots you, and realizes something isn’t right, she makes a run for it, but Ludella bursts from cover and manages to trip and tackle Indica before she can escape.  A fight ensues, and Ludella continually tries to go for the neck bite but the deer manages to pull her neck just out of the way.  Ludella uses her body to weigh the deer down by laying on her as she tries to continues to try to make a run for it, whenever Indica gets close to escaping Ludella trips her and repeats the process until the deer is exhausted and she’s able to pin her down. Ludella:  “Phew, there are no easy meals out here.  Strength and surprise beats speed again” Deer:  “Please wait, I’m too young for it to end like this. Mercy!” Ludella Hahn:  “Quiet, you’re making me look like the bad guy, you’re my prey, it’s not personal” Ludella covers Indica’s mouth and leans for the bite.  Letting out a muffled scream with the bite, Indica kicks to try and squirm free, but Ludella holds her down and she eventually goes .  Ludella holds her bite to make sure her victim is gone and then sits up and licks her lips, she rolls the deer over and takes a few bites.  She turns to the camera and crawls towards it dragging her prey with her… Ludella Hahn:  “There you go, some great life and demise footage, the powerful predator wins this time…now let me eat in peace, this is about to get messy” While Ludella is talking Indica wakes up dazed. Ludella quickly notices and rushes back to her to finish the job with another bite. The scene ends with Ludella Hahn angrily eating.

This video is really something totally different and I really have to give the customer who made this a thing for really thinking out of the box. This video is basically a predator, in this case Ludella, catching and enjoying her prey, Indica. While Ludella is munching away at her prey, Indica is doing a lot of twitching and eye rolling, which is what made this video interesting to me. I really do think the overall idea of this clip is really fun, I like Ludella growing and pretending to be the king of the jungle. Also Indica is incredibly cute as the deer, with her little antlers on and how she was just minding her own before she got attacked. The OTT reactions are a nice touch and a real bonus for me, but even if there wasn’t any of that I would think this video is worth checking out. It’s not everyday we get to see these beautiful girls playing around in such a cute and silly, yet deadly way. 

Overall score: 9/10