Review of Lucky vs Rusty Mixed Boxing

Review of Hit The MatLucky vs Rusty Mixed Boxing – 17 mins

The cutest MILF around, Lucky is back in the ring (and topless) for some mixed boxing! Lucky unfortunately has a habit of leading with her mouth, and Rusty immediately makes her eat some leather to shut her up.  The stunned Lucky can barely get a punch off, and is dominated in a completely one sided boxing match. Lucky stumbles around the ring, getting her head snapped and her jaw jacked, utterly helpless as she is slowly picked apart with jabs, hooks, uppercuts to the face and belly that have Lucky hitting the mat over and over until the final knockout. But that’s not the end!  Lucky is then tied up and used for a human punching bag!

Quick question before I being the actual review here, but is Lucky actually a MILF? I just don’t know if she has any kids, not this it changes anything, just curious. Anyway, on the to the review. HTM’s Rusty matches are easily my favorite thing they produce, closely followed by their maledom POV, but getting a match with Lucky vs. Rusty is something I didn’t know how much a wanted until I got it. Now don’t get me wrong, purchasing the video was a totally no brainer, but seeing Lucky get absolutely dominated like this, after the hiatus she was on is such a wonderful treat. Lucky, much like everyone else who has faced Rusty, never stood a chance. She was getting knocked down in round one and was pretty much on dream street for the rest of the match. Also, just the way Lucky sells a beatdown like this makes even better. She’s has always been a top notch jobber and that easily remains fact in this video. Seeing the natural, fit body of a barely conscious Lucky repeatedly left hanging in the ropes is the stuff my dreams are made of. Luckily I don’t have to dream about it anymore as HTM, Lucky and Rusty Nails deliver the goods in reality for this excellent maledom boxing match.

Overall Score: 9.9/10