Review of Lucaz Jett Demolishes Ziva

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Review of Hit the MatLucaz Jett Demolishes Ziva – 12 mins

Epic maledom mixed boxing domination taken to another level!  Tiny little Ziva takes on newcomer Lucaz Jett, who just might be the most powerfully built bonecrushing bruiser to step in to the mixed boxing ring. BRUTAL big power swings, belly punches and stiff jabs knock Ziva around the ring and down over and over again.  Domination is  vast  understatement. This is pure mixed boxing DESTRUCTION! Fantasy over the top male domination mixed boxing ryona custom. Ziva is truly a boxing damsel in distress, powerless and utterly humiliated by Lucaz’s overwhelming strength!

It’s been a long time since I’ve looked at an HTM video, to no fault of theirs, but nothing catches my attention like a model a I am keen on, vs a large black man, hahaha! Most of the time that would mean a Tiny squash match, but not today as HTM has found a monster of their own, Lucaz Jett, and they put him up against FWR’s Ziva Fey, who did great at FWR, was at SKW recently and my ears definitely perk up when I hear her name. This was a vid that I wasted no time purchasing and it easily the right thing to do. As you would expect Ziva stands no chance against Lucaz and if knocked around and knocked down all video long. Lucaz definitely has some kind of boxing training which just makes it look like even more of a mismatch. Not only did this match have a lot of knockdowns, but it also had two other things I love to see, one which is the heel helping the opponent up in order for them to beat the count, when they obviously wouldn’t have and being saved by the bell, when the jobber is clear knocked out, but the round ends so the match continues. All the gets a lot of plus points from me. The last round felt a bit disconnected however as after being saved by the bell in the previous round Ziva was than able to spring back to her feet after several knockdowns. It was comical, I get that, as she was knocked down again and again, mostly by one punch, but it just felt odd that she would have that kind of energy left at the end of the match. Also, I personally like a clean 10 count, where the jobber is just laid out, instead of the 10 punches count out thing, just a bit of personal taste there, it’s a pretty minor negative point, but I just wanted to put that out there. Otherwise it was a fantastic boxing match up and I hope to see more of Lucaz taking on girls that don’t stand a chance against him.

Overall Score: 9.5/10