Review of Low Blow Hardcore Part 2

Review of Lady2FightLow Blow Hardcore Part 2 – 16 mins

Lora tries to get her title back, but Luna doesn’t want to give it back. Lora gets completely and utterly dominated and is once again left defeated and broken, knocked out in the ring.

I’m so slow at reviewing videos nowadays that there is already a part 3 and a part 4 for this series, with each of them only getting worse and worse for poor Luna. This one is directly tied to the first video and Lora is looking for revenge. Obviously, she doesn’t get it and Luna tries her hardest to make sure Lora doesn’t challenge her again. The fight is completely one sided and Lora takes quite a beating from a nightstick that she brought, but put down at the beginning of the match. As the title suggests, there are a ton of low blows in this. We’re talking kicks, stomps and of course Luna uses the nightstick for low blow attacks as well. There’s also a few submission holds that force Lora to plead for mercy, which of course Luna doesn’t give her. The beatdown continues, causing Lora to cough up blood, but that’s still not enough. Luna keeps going until there’s literally no fight left in Lora and then adding a little more for good measure. Eventually, Luna does feel like Lora’s had enough, but that’s only by the time Lora is unresponsive and twitching. I love it when fights go well past just winning the fight and getting to the point of pure punishment. I’m still not a fan of the fake blood, but everything else about this video is fantastic. Bit of a spoiler though, my opinion of the fake blood changes a little in the next part of this series.

Overall Score: 9.5/10