Review of Lost Title!

Review of Modest Moms WrestlingLost Title! – 18 mins

What a fight you are about to witness! Jezabel Romo Vs. Alexandria Hamilton! Two women, two CEO’s, putting their skills, and company reputations on the line. But Alexandria is more than confident, and for the first time ever, An outsider will challenge for the MMW Title! Alex is aware of how bad it will look with the MMW belt, around a Lucha Girls waist. So, you can bet she came to fight! This match is BRUTAL! As these to ladies go all out, Holding nothing back, watch all the slams, chokes, strikes, humiliation and dirty tactics. All the trash talk, the ass slaps and wedgies, the hair pulling, the moans and groans of two women, fighting for their lives! Both women decked out in cheeky pro gear! Stomps, low blows, rope work, corner work, foreign objects! The fight spills outside the ring, and back in! Man! These girls REALLY want that belt! Finally, after one girl has been thoroughly punished, her beating proves too much, as the heel uses a sleeperhold to send a convulsing, drooling, cross eyed, defeated, loser, into a deep DEEP sleep! And its over! As the loser is dragged like a sand bag to the corner, posted up, and sat on by the victor, as more humiliating trash talk is slung at the defeated woman, all she can do is stare blankly, a victim of the stupor she was just beaten into! Which woman will hold the belt above her head!? Download to find out!

The description of this video makes the match sound a lot closer than it actually was. Alex did what she does best and got squashed. I mean she had a little offense in with a few random moves, but none of that amounted to anything, she got flattened. Alex’s outfit is noteworthy though, something I don’t think anyone else would wear, but for Alex, it’s not that crazy, good for a laugh though. The match content was pretty good, some good looking moves in there and a little OTT reactions. Alex is a damn good jobber, so she sells it well and I have always enjoyed Jezabel in the heel role. I liked the foreign objects, with the title belt and a table. The table is super cheesy, being made of Styrofoam it doesn’t look that good, but I still love it. It’s the kind of cheesy thing that just makes me laugh and it’s cool. I am not a fan of the fake blood, per usual, only because I don’t think I looks good. So in the end, this was business as usual, just with a visitor, but Alex still got squashed and put one a good show for us.

Overall Score: 9/10