Review of Lora makes Luna sleep

Review of Lady FightLora makes Luna sleep – 11 mins

As you guys know LadyFight videos don’t come with a written description, so I’ll sum this video up quickly before I get into review. Lora is working out in the ring when Luna enters and attacks her and starts asking about Lora’s Supergirl outfit. Lora denies any knowage of said outfit or being Supergirl. For this denial, she gets a beatdown, one that looks to be an easy win for Luna, but just when Lora seem to be out cold and done, she springs to life and completely takes over the match, dominating Luna mercilessly. Even continuing the beatdown a little longer after Luna is knocked out cold. Lora leaves Luna knocked out cold and face down in the middle of the ring. I guess we’ll never really know if Lora really is super girl or not.

Got another really nice video from Lady Fight, this time we get to see both Lora and Luna taking a beating. Both girls have really great outfits in my opinion. The sneakers and boots are a big plus for me. Lora is the first one on the losing side as Luna comes in and just starts beating on her. Lora selling really is something special. I love the way she gets KO’d and I love how limp she is while getting ragdolled. She looks really good and is a very convincing actress. Luna is a great heel too, she just looks so menacing while attacking Lora, she looks like she really loves ripping into Lora. Then the tides turn, as I mentioned above and then the same can be said again as the roles switch. Lora is a fantastic jobber, who really sells everything so well. And Lora turns into quite the tough girl as she’s teaching Lora a lesson in brutality. This really just shows how great of a duo they have at Lady Fight, with Lora and Luna. Even though they are new to me, they are already proving to be up there with other famous duos, like Anne-Marie and Sumiko, Becca and Peyton, or Elizabeth and Stella. It’s truly quite impressive.

Overall Score: 9.5/10