Review of Lora. Attack the clones

Review of Lady2Fight Lora. Attack the clones – 27 mins

As per usual, Lady2Fight videos don’t come with a written description, so I’ll sum up the video for you guys. Simply put, this is a sentry video. Lora is multiple clones who meet their inevitable demise at the hands of a rival spy. Each clone gets tortured for a little while before being put out of their misery. Each Lora clone has on a super sexy outfit and there are five clones in total.

This is another really great video from Lady Fight. Lora again continues to impress me with awesome beatdowns, great selling and wonderful outfits. In this video she gets to show off a bunch of sexy outfits, which is always great to see. I love how she’s able to do these fight scenes in heels, with seemingly no issues. We get some really great brutality in this one. As Eric dishes out some serious punishment to each and every clone, like low blows, broken legs, broken back, broken neck, and merciless punches to the face, just to name a few, as well as some powerful lifts too.  There’s nothing too over the top in this one, the first clone does a little tiny bit of twitching, but I think that was about it. Still a wonderful video to watch though and I do love just how brutal Lady Fight videos can be. And again, I really love these outfits, they’re all very good. I look forward to seeing more brutal action for this production soon.

Overall Score: 9.9/10