Review of Lilu vs Vallia – Female Fantasy Boxing and Wrestling Fight

Review of RussianWomanWrestlingLilu vs Vallia – Female Fantasy Boxing and Wrestling Fight – 22 mins

A fantasy boxing match that sometimes turns into a wrestling match. Lilu fought against Vallia in a duel with an indefinite number of rounds. That is, until a clear victory, namely: a knockout of one of the rivals until 10 counts. The fight began as a classic boxing match, but since there was no referee in the ring, the girls quickly forgot about the restrictions. In addition to the usual blows to the face and abdomen, there were blows to the crotch, as well as Snap Mare, HeadScissors and BodyScissors, Jackknife Pin, Headlock, and other holds. The victory was close for both girls, each of them was able to knock down the opponent at least once. And when the winner was able to count to 10 over the defeated rival, she could not deny herself the pleasure of making fun of the loser a little

I have never reviewed a video from Russian Woman Wrestling, but this is not the first time I’ve seen one of their videos. However, this is the first time I have seen them do any boxing, at least as far as I know. This is a really fun boxing video, because the rules here are pretty simple, do whatever it takes to win, basically. So this looks like it’s going to be a normal boxing match, but before you know it, there’s low blows, head locks, leg scissors and any rules you may have thought there were, go right out the window. Both ladies spend their fair share of time on both ends of this fight. It was literally anyone’s game until the final round, when Lilu had enough of this nonsense, putting Vallia down for the count. It was definitely a fun match to watch, seeing the rules of your ordinary boxing match get tossed out and just watching as two ladies trying to take each other out any way they can. 

Overall Score: 9/10