Review of Last Woman Standing: Peyton vs Lo

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsLast Woman Standing: Peyton vs Lo – 20 mins

This powerful video begins with the sound of a punch behind the curtain followed by Peyton flying through and falling on her butt nursing the uppercut she just took on her chin! Lo emerges and yells “You wanted this fight so let’s do it! No disqualification, last woman standing!” Peyton rises, agrees, and the fists go up. The beauties trade hard punches but Lo gets the upper hand and gets the weaker Peyton on the wall to pound the girls until she slides down the wall, overcome by Lo’s power. Lo takes the action to the ring where Peyton manages to hit her rival with a low blow, knee smash to the head, and a mounted choke hold. But Lo shoves Peyton back into a modified body stretch followed by hammer punches to the stunned girl’s exposed belly. From this point on Peyton is unable to mount any offense as the tougher Lo DESTROYS her belly! Several knockouts are involved as poor Peyton’s rolled up eyes are the focus. The one-sided beatdown spills out of the ring as Lo uses several foreign objects to pound the bare belly of her rival. In the end, a severe heart punch finishes Peyton off and she’s tied to the corner post as her rival writes “Lo’s Lovely Loser” on her belly and seals it with a little kiss! This fight is a must-see!

Well, I’ve asked for more “Peyton catches a fisticuffs style beatdown, wearing jeans” videos and I got it. It’s a minor bummer for me that she’s not wearing shoes in this one, as I prefer that much more than bare feet, but I still got a solid one sided beatdown. I mean Peyton does get a little offense in, but is short lived and Lo is in control almost the whole time, so I’d call this one-sided. Anyway, aside from the missing shoes, this video has all the stuff I have come to love about the “Peyton catches a fisticuffs style beatdown, wearing jeans” videos. There’s several great KOs, there’s some weapons used against Peyton. There’s action in and out of the ring and Peyton is left hanging from the ring post, beaten and humiliated, just the way I like it. And of course it goes without saying, Peyton’s selling is absolutely excellent and Lo does a wonderful job as the heel too. I know Becca can’t visit FWR in this crazy world we currently live in, but Peyton has been doing a phenomenal job as top FWR jobber and I look forward to her taking more great losses like this.

Overall Score: 9/10