Review of Kobe Dominates Galas

Review of Galas Balloons and Fetish Clips Kobe Dominates Galas – 22 mins

Galas is in a thong bikini wearing long socks and sneakers. When Kobe arrives and tells Galas to leave she rented the room. Galas recognizes Kobe, Kobe is the new boss’s rich step-daughter. Galas doesn’t like Kobe’s step-father firing all of her friends. She confronts Kobe. Kobe offers Galas a chance to save her friends a match if Galas wins her friends get their job back if Galas loses she’s fired.Galas agrees, the match begins Galas quickly punches Kobe into the wall and Kobe low blows Galas. Galas falls to her knees. She begins trying to get up and Kobe punt kicks Galas lights out. Kobe smiles and removes Galas top and chokes the groggy Galas with it. Galas eyes roll to the back of her head and her tongue falls out. Kobe then gives Galas a front wedgie and Galas struggles but is just out of it. Kobe pushes Galas to the side and shows the camera the front wedgie, she fixes it then removes it and throws it to the side. She then plays with Galas breasts. She then pins Galas for 10 counts. When the cameras return Galas is on her knees and Kobe is holding all of Galas hair in one hand. She then applies the mandible claw on Galas. Galas wakes up and struggles but Kobe doesn’t let go. Galas falls on her back and keeps struggling but Kobe doesn’t let go. Galas eyes roll back and she goes out Kobe doesn’t let go she caresses Galas. She lets go after a while and gives Galas, who is tongue out and eyes white a kiss on the head. And tells the camera time to end this. Kobe puts Galas on a guillotine choke, Galas struggles and taps out quickly but Kobe applies pressure and Galas goes out. Kobe spins around with  Galas, Galas then falls on her knees and Kobe checks Galas arms before letting her go. She quickly grabs Galas thong and goes for a pin. She counts to ten each count she smacks Galas ass or thigh. After ten she shoves Galas’ thong into Galas’ mouth. After that Kobe removes one of Galas long socks to take as a trophy. She goes down and grabs one of Galas’ breast. Galas is beyond out. Kobe tells her, “You’re fired pretty girl!” Pulls the thong from Galas’ mouth to keep it. Before leaving she licks Galas face and whispers in her ear i am gonna miss you. Kobe sits Galas up and aggressively makes out with Galas. Galas doesn’t respond, her eyes are white and her mouth is open. As Kobe makes out with the ragdoll Galas she also is groping her breasts. She pushes Galas to the side and puts Galas face down and ass up. She then grabs Galas arms, arches her back and humps Galas. She then grabs Galas hair and shows the camera her face, Galas eyes are white her tongue is out. When she’s finished, Galas is laid out slightly twitching. Kobe grabs a lipstick and writes ur fired on Galas’ ass and writes L for loser on her forehead. She sits Galas up ragdolls Galas head. She says it’s been fun but I always break my dolls. She squishes Galas face and shows the camera. The camera gets a close up of Galas’ squished face, white eyes. Kobe lets go of Galas and places her feet on Galas’ face and victory poses. She covers Galas’ face with Galas’ hair and leaves.

This has quickly become one of my favorite series the amazing Galas has ever done. I reviewed the one where Galas dominated Faith, but every other entry into this series is more like this one, where Galas gets completely destroyed and ragdolled by a few different foes, but so far, mostly Kobe Lee. This one is my new favorite, as Galas is knocked out early, does some twitching for the KOs, gets stripped down to nothing in no time and she’s got these sexy boots with long socks on, that stay on for the majority of the video. I love that Kobe is totally merciless, with the only goal in her mind is to dominate and humiliate Galas. She does so with several KOs, a couple of pins and of course writing on Galas’ naked body when all is said and done. Galas is an extraordinary jobber, in case you didn’t know. She sells the crap out of this with wonderful eye rolling, drooling and tongue protrusion, all the OTT stuff I love most about one-sided squash matches like this. And I love that full nudity is an option, that’s something that is still a little hard to find in the wrestling world, so I am happy for every chance we get to have that. The only thing lacking in this video and this series really, is the camera work. I am probably a little spoiled by SKW, FWR and the like, but here we just don’t get the close ups or camera movement that I have gotten used to. That being said, these videos are still outstanding and I love seeing Galas get totally destroyed so much that I had to get one of my own and a review on that video will definitely be coming soon.

Overall Score: 9.9/10