Review of Knockout Babes

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsKnockout Babes – 11 mins

We fade in on your humble producer breaking up a hairpulling catfight between Mackenzi and Stevie. Mackenzi is upset because Stevie acts better than her. After using her fingers to count out five reasons she’s better than Stevie Mackenzi makes a muscle pose and unwittingly knocks out Stevie! The next set of knockouts happen without the “giver” knowing she knocked out the “receiver” with each KO being filled with eye rolls and silly expressions. Stevie KO’s Mackenzi by slamming the dressing room door on her, Stevie KO’s herself when she tries to hit Mackenzi with a frying pan, Mackenzi KO’s herself when she tries to sneak attack Stevie in the ring, and Mackenzi accidentally KO’s herself with a punch when describing what she’ll do to Stevie. Both girls KO each other with blackjacks then find themselves in the ring when they wake up. Your humble producer has put them in opposite corners to finally fight it out to decide the winner of the argument. In the end the match is declared a draw and both groggy girls weakly raise their hands mumbling, “I’m the winner!” … then fall unconscious.

One thing I will always love to see from FWR are silly KO videos like this. If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times, I love the way Rick does humor in his video, it always gets me to laugh. Not only that, but this one stars Mackenzi and Stevie, two girls that I really feel have a knack for playing silly roles like this. And the third thing I really like about this one, although I know it’s a bit of an unpopular opinion, there are no bare feet in this video. Anyway, the action here fits what you would come to expect for an FWR silly KOs video. There are plenty of KOs, most accidental, others are double KOs, all are great KOs. There’s a little bit of tongue out stuff, for silliness sake, but nothing too crazy. The KO that got me to laugh the most was where Stevie KOs herself by mistake with the frying pan and is laid outside the ring. Mackenzi can’t find her, so figures she’s late and starts stretching while she waits. Frying pan KOs always seem to get me, but this one was especially good. Of course, they are birdies, cuckoos and even stars floating around the girl’s heads at times. The fun video delivers the kind of silliness I expect and hope for from FWR and Stevie and Mackenzi were a great duo for such shenanigans.

Overall Score: 9/10