Review of knocking Yourselfie Out

Review of Ghosty’s Fetish Box knocking Yourselfie Out – 11 mins

Vain influencer Roxie, is posting pictures of herself on her Instagram at home in her new maid outfit. She does various poses and decides there’s a special something she needs for the shoot behind the couch. Unfortunately for her one of her fans has found her and wants her for himself. A bonk on the head turns her into a twitching, eyerolling mess and the game begins.

A tip for anyone trying to sell me a clip: add “turns her into a twitching, eyerolling mess” somewhere in your description and you’ll have my credit card thrown at you like an ace from Gambit. Which is exactly what happened here and I was not disappointed. I’m sure, but I think this is also the first OTT clip from Ghosty’s store, could be wrong, but maybe it is. Anyway, there’s a lot for me to love about this one, let’s start with Roxie. Having seen a good handful of Ghosty’s videos now, I think it is safe to say she is my clear favorite. She is super cute and knows how to flow well with the generally goofy nature of Ghosty’s videos. Also, the outfit she’s got on in this one, is just excellent. Next, of course is the OTT KOs, not the wildest OTT action by any stretch of the imagination, but all the OTT selling I live to see is here and that automatically makes it money well spent, in my opinion. And we also get all the limp play / ragdolling / sleepy based activities we have all grown accustomed to seeing. So simply put, this was an easy win for me and I can only hope to see Roxie in more OTT goofy KO situation in the near future.

Overall Score: 9/10