Review of Kirra Blaze Destroys Irene Silver & Paula Diamonds

Review of DJSleepy ProductionsKirra Blaze Destroys Irene Silver & Paula Diamonds – 26 mins

Kirra Blaze faces off with Irene Silver and Paula Diamonds in a Triple Threat match. However, Irene & Paula try to double team Kirra and Kirra knows this and destroys and knocks out two of these ladies the whole match.

I take you guys back a little bit to a custom I ordered early 2022, a custom filled with enough madness and over the top stuff that I felt it was still worthy of covering. First I thought it would be fun to flip the script a little bit and have the much smaller Kirra Blaze dominate. Being as petite and beautiful as she is, it’s expected to see her go down in a Blaze of glory (no pun intended), but not this time. Knowing that Paula and Irene are great friends, she’s sus of them teaming up against her. A suspicion planted in fact, as Irene and Paula were indeed going to team up to take her out. However, their plan is foiled with a single misstep and a perfect set of counter low blows that set Kirra up for total dominance. And dominate she does, taking turns going back and forth knocking both Paula and Irene out as she pleases, adding some sexy pins and victory poses along the way for a little adding humiliation. I really love that this match is pretty chaotic, with tons of KOs, bodies all over the place, messy looking pins mixed into body piles, over the top reactions all over the place and DJ doing his best to commentate/referee the whole thing. It’s a wild mess, but a ton of fun to watch. Paula and Irene of course are amazing jobbers and do an awesome job here selling all the over the top madness and making Kirra look like an absolute powerhouse. And Kirra does a great job basking in all her greatness as she runs both of these stunning jobbers through the wringing. This is a really fun script, if I must say so myself and DJ, along with Irene Sliver, Paula Diamonds and Kirra Blaze really did an outstanding job making it come to life.

Overall score: 9.9/10