Review of Kayla’s Slow Agony

Review of Kayla ObeyKayla’s Slow Agony – 14 mins

Kayla walks in to find an intruder in her living room. Shocked and afraid assuming he is a thief, she raises her hands and pleads that he can take all her money. She backs up and leads you towards her room. She reaches into the drawer to grab you her credit card, but by now she is scared you might be the notorious man the police have been searching for in the area, serial robbing and leaving no one left to report the crime. She reaches into the drawer and turns quickly, hands together and pointed at you. She fires once but you hit her too, right in the ribs under her left breast. In shock, she reaches down to grab the spot and falls back onto the bed….in pain she falls out of it. Awhile later, she comes to. You’re sitting beside the bed, watching her. She is in severe pain, but pleads with you. Then Kayla notices that you’re hurt too, she managed to get you first. You enjoy watching your victims slowly go, so mesmerized you forget about your own pain. You keep watching her slow and painful agony. She puts pressure on her side with her hands, writhing and struggling to breathe. Kayla moans in pain. She just needs to outlast you and for several painful minutes she does. She gets control of her breathing, but she has grown weaker and is in even more pain. Finally, you’re gone and she takes her chance. She needs to call an ambulance. Kayla sits up slowly, still placing pressure under her breast. But she’s weak and cannot stand, she crawls and then stumbles on her knees, using every bit of energy she has. She cries out in pain with each movement, still trying to keep pressure on her ribs. She reaches her cellphone in the living room and makes the call. Her eyes roll and she falls to her back.

Kayla Obey, one of my all-time favs and in my opinion, the best solo model out there. She brings us another one of these videos that only Kayla seems to do right. These videos with the simplest premise, that she turns into something that should be this good. Take this for example, the idea here is that Kayla gets shot, survives for a while in agony and then meets her demise when she tries to call for help. This idea could be done in 5 mins, should be boring by 10 mins, but somehow Kayla keeps me glued for almost 15 mins and I want to watch it again. It doesn’t make sense, but this is what Kayla does best and why I love her so much. Also, don’t forget to keep an eye on Kayla’s store, as with her having no social media, or way to promote updates, she just randomly drops updates and you don’t want to miss out on her stuff.

Overall Score: 9/10