Review of Kayla’s Fright Night

Review of Kayla ObeyKayla’s Fright Night – 19 mins

Kayla removes her robe and slips into bed. As she’s settling down she hears a noise, like a growling coming from in her bedroom. She climbs out of bed to investigate, finds the source of the noise and peers under the furniture to get a closer look. Suddenly, she is grabbed by something underneath, screaming she is dragged partially underneath. Her head and arms are trapped and she struggles fiercely to get free. Her body begins to spasm and convulse as the creature is biting into her throat. The spasms slow as she expires. Kayla wakes up in her bed startled and feels around her neck area, relieved to find everything is okay. She shivers a bit and gets out of bed to find an extra blanket. She comes back and wraps the blanket around herself like a cape and sits on the bed to try to puzzle out her “dream”. She feels the blanket slowly beginning to tighten around her neck, she tries to loosen it thinking she just tied it a bit too tight, but it continues to tighten further. She struggles fiercely but it just grows tighter and she collapses onto the bed and begins to gasp violently. Her body begins to spasm and convulse as she is denied air, and finally after a giant spasm she collapses to the bed and is still. Again, Kayla wakes up in bed, under the covers, she immediately thrashes around disentangling herself from the bedding and jumps out of bed. Getting to her feet she looks around wildly, “What the hell is going on?”  She calms down a little and sits on the bed and then sees the blanket from her “dream”. “It’s just a blanket.” She shakes her head and leaves the bedroom. She enters the living room and sits down on the couch to ponder. “Just dreams….just strange dreams…” she mutters to herself. She then notices her cute bunny plushie sitting on the sofa, she smiles and picks it up to cuddle it. “You see anything strange going on?” she asks it. Of course, it doesn’t reply. “That’s what I thought.” she chuckles to herself before glancing back at her plushie. To her shock, it’s suddenly turned evil. She screams. The bunny lunges straight for her throat. She collapses onto the sofa and rolls off onto the floor onto her back. She tries desperately to pry off the bunny from her throat but cannot, her body goes into spasms and convulsions as the bunny’s teeth sink into her neck. The spasms lessen as she expires and is still. Her body jiggles slightly as it feeds. She comes to on the bed and grabs roughly at her neck area, she’s wild eyed and breathing heavy. When she realizes she is unhurt, she slowly stands up and looks over to see her bunny plushie, back to looking cute and innocent. She reaches for it but decides not to pick it up at the last minute. “Am I losing my mind?” She starts to shiver again and heads for her laundry basket. She gets to her clothes hamper and looks for her robe. “It’s in here somewhere…” She reaches into its depths when suddenly she screams as her head is yanked down into the basket by an unseen creature. She struggles violently but topples down to the floor onto her back, her head still stuck and held by the monster inside. She thrashes around but is unable to extricate herself from the grips of the monster, and her body goes into spasms and convulsions. Her body goes still. Kayla comes to again with a start, all mixed up in a pile of clothes from the hamper. She wildly tosses them away and hurries to leave the laundry, scrambling to her feet. She makes her way to the living room where she sits on the floor, looking around to see there is no danger she then collapses in exhaustion onto her back. She is breathing heavily, trying to calm down. She shivers and reaches up to grab a scarf, she wraps it around her neck. “I….I need to get out of here…where will I-” She hears a hissing sound and freezes. She looks down to find a ginormous snake wrapped around her neck. She tries to remove it but as it’s touched it immediately tightens around her throat. She collapses to her back and struggles but the snake just grips stronger. Her body spasms and convulses then is still. She awakens again laying on the floor, she feels the scarf around her neck and quickly removes it and flings it away. She scrambles to her feet and runs to the front door. Trying to open it but it’s locked, she hears an evil laugh. “Who…who’s there?!” she calls out nervously. “Who’s there!?” No answer. She’s frantic now. Suddenly, she hears a hissing sound. Thinking it’s the snake again, she looks around but finds nothing. She starts to find it getting harder to breathe. “….Gas?” She gasps and covers her mouth, rushing to the front door and trying to open it once again. Hopeless. She stumbles away trying to think of another escape but is succumbing to the gas. She slows and her eyes roll as she collapses to the floor, where her body convulses and spasms. The poison takes control as her eyes flutter shut and she is still. Kayla awakens on the floor in a panic, she takes a bunch of deep breaths and finding her breathing is normal gets up shakily to her feet. On the verge of tears now, “I…I don’t know what to do….what is happening to me?” She goes to the kitchen for a glass of water. She pours herself a glass and has a sip. She notices a *toy* on the counter and decides to grab it for her protection. Now armed, she moves towards the living room. Suddenly, she feels a power take control of her hand….it raises the *toy* up to her neck. Desperately, she uses her free hand to try to fight it off but it’s too strong, it slides across her neck. Immediately she drops the *toy* as the unseen power leaves her, she clutches at her throat. She collapses to her knees, gasping and still holding her neck. She falls to her back continuing to try to hold her life inside herself but it slips out, she grows still. With a start, she awakens again on the floor. Grabbing her throat she feels no damage, but she hears the evil laughter again. Scared, she rises to her feet and runs for the door. Realizing that’s no good she wonders what to do…she heads for her bedroom. Tremendously frightened, she grabs the only thing she can find to defend herself. She stands her ground and looks around, waiting for something to hit. Out of nowhere, she is hit by an unseen power and flung backwards onto the bed, dropping her protection as it’s knocked from her hands. She tries to get to her feet but is knocked back again onto the bed, and unseen hands wrap around her neck. She struggles fiercely but the grip is way too strong. She struggles wildly but her efforts grow weaker as she begins to succumb to the powerful attack. She grows still, and unfortunately, there is no coming back from this one.

Another fun and creative video from Kayla Obey. I really don’t know how she does this on such a consistent basis, but again Kayla takes what is a pretty simple idea and puts her spin on it making it an incredible solo act that can’t be missed. In this, Kayla is haunted by something that keeps attacking her with inanimate objects, like a blanket, scarf, plushie, ect. Each attack ends up with Kayla knocked out cold, and most often twitching. Only to wake up moments later freaking out, thinking she is still being attacked, only to find everything is back to normal. Kayla does a great, great job acting in every bit of this, of course for the knockout, but especially for the freak outs when she wakes up. Each one is done in a way that I found comical and had me grinning like a Cheshire cat. Kayla’s outfit is another high spot for this video, as a pair of bra and panties matched with long thigh high socks is really a great look on her. I mean, there really isn’t anything that doesn’t look great on Kayla, but this is still some sexy attire. Oh and before I forget, I mentioned that Kayla was attacked by a plushie in this video and I just have to ask, where does someone find a thing like that? And why in the hell would someone want one? Who wants a stuffed animal that comes with an evil mode? I’m just curious. LOL!!

Overall Score: 9.9/10