Review of Katya boxing and defeated POV

Review of Shiny Leather HeavenKatya boxing and defeated POV – 24 mins

Katya has a fight today versus a fighter (POV) that she’s never met before. Katya is cocky and tells the enemy that she will beat him down. Without hesitation Katya attacks the POV landing several blows very quickly. POV is able to weather her attacks and soon battle back. Katya finds herself quickly and just as suddenly on the defense. Katya gets knocked down and knocked out a lot. When Katya goes down and out, the POV gives her the time she needs to wake up. Katya continues to get back up and try to stay in the fight, only to go down again and again. Her eyes roll back, her face is silly and her tongue out of her mouth. After even more KOs, Katya no longer wakes up on her own. The POV wakes her with punches. In the final, Katya can no longer get to her feet. POV takes off Katya’s top and takes her by the legs, like a doll, and drags her into the middle of the room.

Here is a production that is brand new to me, I literally know nothing about them except, english is definitely not their first language and I assume they are based in some European country, which I could be wrong about. Nonetheless a great friend of mine pointed them out to me and told me that they did some KO videos as well as some other stuff. Suspiciously enough, shortly thereafter they released this OTT POV boxing video. I don’t think that was a coincidence. Either way, this boxing video and Katya herself are absolute gold. Katya does eye rolling like you wouldn’t believe, every single KO her eyes are totally rolled back, showing full white. And KOs there are plenty. The POV doesn’t actually throw any punches, but Katya does all the acting as she is knocked around, knocked down and knocked out by the unseen punches. Another suspicious thing, after the final KO, Katya has her top removed and is left knocked out and topless. Again, no matter how this video came to be, it is excellent and should not be missed! 

Overall Score: 10/10