Review of Josie’s Glass Jaw POV

Review of Faith Fetish ProductionJosie’s Glass Jaw POV – 20 mins

Any punch to the jaw is an instant KO for Josie. So right out the gate, the first punch is a pretty light punch, but it drops her like a ton of bricks. While out Josie does all the over the top reactions (twitching, drooling, eye rolling and tongue out) It takes Josie a little while to wake up and when she does, she’s really dazed and has a hard time getting back to her feet. The POV just watches her struggle until she finally makes it back up onto her wobbly legs. Once back on her feet, a simple punch to the face puts Josie right back out. More over the top reactions from Josie while she’s out, and even more struggling. Things just get worse and worse for Josie as the knockouts pile up. POV strips Josie of her clothes while she is knocked out, until only her gloves and converse remain. Eventually, Josie can’t get up on her own anymore and now the POV finally helps her up. Josie is even more defenseless at this point and is easily knocked out again. Finally, Josie is totally out cold and can’t be woken up. The POV tries a few times to wake her, but she’s totally done for. The POV poses her spread eagle on her back and leaves Josie twitching on the mats. Josie is out on her feet a lot, arms limp at her sides, eyes rolled back, tongue hanging out, stumbling around and slurred speech. Really emphasizing that she’s completely out of it, helpless and ready to be knocked out again.

Joise Jo is one of the newest models added to my favorites list after seeing her do some work for some other fantastic KO productions. So as soon as I knew she’d be visiting Atlanta I asked Faith to do a POV boxing clip for me and my goodness did Faith come through with a real banger. First and foremost, I have got to give it to my girl Faith. She’s always looking to improve and try new things, even when I come back to her for the same thing over and over again. I’ve lost track of how many POV vids I’ve asked her for, but she’s always excited for the next one. I can’t thank her enough for all she has done for me, especially with these boxing vids! And of course I got to hand it to Josie, for someone who isn’t asked to do this fighting/KO nonsense a lot, she really turned it up to 11 in this video and delivered a performance for the ages. Knowing that this is my custom, most of you know what to expect, but Josie and Faith clearly worked hard to make this one special. What starts as a pretty normal boxing match, quickly turns into a brutal boxing beatdown as Faith finds out that Josie has an off switch, which is a simple punch to the jaw. After that Josie is a human punching bag, who gets stripped completely naked and even loses her gloves. Faith continues to dish out the punishment, showing just how merciless she can be. Josie tries to fight, but she’s defenseless and catches a lot of punches to her belly and boobs. There’s a few low blows mixed in for good measure and of course more punches to the head. After several more lovely, over dramatic KOs, filled with drooling, twitching, eye rolling and tongue protrusion, (and again, I can’t believe just how outstanding Josie did selling all this) Josie is finally put down for good. Faith makes sure Josie is totally out cold with a few totally unnecessary, but appreciated, punches and then leaves her on full display for everyone to see! This custom is so well done it seriously stacks up as one of my all time favorites! It’s brutal, merciless and super over the top, the kind of stuff I cannot get enough of. An incredible job well done by Faith and Josie, thank you both so much for this one!

Overall Score: 11/10