Review of Jordan Vs DJ

Review of DJSleepyProductionsJordan Vs DJ – 10.5 mins

DJSleepyProductions gets another stunning & talented lady added to the library. Tracy Jordan makes her debut as a tiger “she claims” DJ is none too impressed with Tracy’s tiger cosplay. DJ wastes no time to go for his dirty tactics, and stuns Tracy with a taser. Tracy begins to twitch, fall to her knees and victim to a sleeper hold starting a 10 minute destruction of Tracy. Camel Clutches, Head Crushers, Sleeper holds, Back Rakes, even Pedigrees are all put into use to knock Tracy out each time. Finally, DJ puts Tracy out for good with 3 devastating pedigrees. And a 10 count pin to claim victory over the unconscious Tracy Jordan. Another win for DJ, and another big name here on DJSleepyProductions.

Here is a review from a really new production, DJSleepyProductions or DJP as I call it, that is making waves in our community, so much so that even if this guy wasn’t my friend, I would still be posting these reviews just based on popular demand. Now, I will say this is an unusual video for DJP, as it is a new production, his vids aren’t normally shot in Sleeperkid’s house with SK running the camera. His other videos are shot in hotel rooms, but that doesn’t change the style of his videos, most of them so far have been mixed, pro-style, male domination, just like this. I do think this is a great first impression video. You get to see DJ taking on someone like Tracy Jordan, who you know is just a fantastic jobber and all around great person. We get some submission holds, some higher impact moves, several KOs and some pins, which is what you will come to expect from DJ’s other videos as well. DJ has got some of his own local talents that I have already started to really enjoy and can’t wait to review for you guys. I just wanted to start with this one, because this was my first DJP video and it drove me to see what else he had in his store and I wasn’t disappointed. He already has a good number of videos in his store and he’s got some girls that sell OTT reactions that you guys just got to see. The fact that this production is less than a year old and is already working with talents like Tracy Jordan and shooting with SKW shows you the potential he has. That being said, be sure to check out his store, his other vids and I will definitely be reviewing more from DJSleepyProductions soon.

Overall Score: 9/10