Review of Jobber Down

Review of Macy Nikole’s Fetish FantasiesJobber Down – 20 mins

Poor defeated Macy Nikole, everyone’s favorite unlucky jobber is down again, and in this POV clip we find her at our mercy as she is slapped awake and dragged to her feet, only to be knocked down and collapse in a topless heap on the mats. Macy moans as drool spills out of her mouth and you can practically see the birds chirping around her head as she remains dazed and confused for the entirety of the clip. The camera takes in every inch of her perfectly toned topless body as this poor jobber lays sprawled out in a hot but helpless heap, completely at our mercy.

The outstanding and extremely talented Macy Nikole has done a few customs for me, this being the third in the series. You can check out the first one: here, and the rematch: here. As they go along they get more and more over the top, as Macy continues to impress me with her crazy selling skills. This one is what I would call the aftermath, as it starts with Macy knocked out, after losing the rematch video. She’s left in a total daze, with only bits of consciousness here and there. The POV tries to wake her up, which fails almost every time so he decides to toy with her limp body in between his attempts to wake her. Macy’s selling here is so good, not only did I ask her to literally just do this idea again, but also think that jobbing is one of her lesser known abilities and that’s a shame. I mean she is right up there with the best of the best and she should be asked to be a jobber more often. She really is that good. I cannot tell you guys anymore just how amazing Macy is, you’re just going to have to watch this video and find out.

Overall Score: 11/10