Review of Jett’s Boxing POV

Review of Faith’s Fetish Productions Jett’s Boxing POV – 23 mins

Jett Faces YOU in an all new boxing pov featuring lots of over the top reactions… drool twitching & eye rolling… will Jhett make it out of the mat room alive?!? Watch to see how this 23 mins of boxing ends for Jett..

Jett, AKA Unisexi visited SKW for the first time and although I didn’t get a custom with them I was honored by someone getting this video with them in my honor. Let it be known that Jett, as far as I know has never done a POV boxing video, or anything this over the top before, nonetheless Jett turns it to 11 and puts on a performance for the ages. Out of all the videos I have seen and have had a hand in creating, this had got to be one the top 10 OTT solo performances out there. Well, arguably at least, I mean I have seen a lot of crazy OTT stuff in my time and this one is definitely noteworthy. This just goes to show that when you combine a model willing to put it all out there with some good direction, anything is possible. Just take my word on this one folks, if you like my style than you are going to love just how hard Jett goes down in this clip! 

Overall Score: 11/10