Review of The Pain LeagueJENNIFER V KARA – 16 mins

Jennifer is back for a new season of UPL with high hopes of winning the title. Her opponent Kara meanwhile is getting paranoid that management want her to lose the match. And Harris meets Electra Vulcana, an agent of the feared Social Equilibrium Service.

Episode two of The Pain League and we got a new match and some more backstage antics that did answer one of my questions from episode one. Out of the two random people the we saw at the end of episode one, one of them is some important figure head for the brand that owns UPL, as she was pushing her weight around with the GM at the beginning of this episode. As much as a love the kind of story telling we get from the NGC brand, I really wish they would have started this of as if this was a brand new wrestling company, because they keep talking about, coming back for a new season, and mentioning things that happened in the past, and it really has me feeling like I am playing catch up the whole time, trying to figure out what happened before we got the chance to tune in. Anyway, the match in this one brings us two new ladies, this time the heel/babyface line is a little blurrier than last time, as both Jennifer and Kara aren’t really “bad guys”. The fight itself is pretty good, it’s one where Jennifer just isn’t strong enough to beat Kara, who’s bigger than her. She tries hard to stay in the fight, but gets beaten in the end. Easily an enjoyable video overall, the story lines have my attention, even if is just to figure out where things are heading and the matches so far have been plenty entertaining. I’ll definitely be checking out episode three of the UPL when it’s released.

Overall Score: 8.5/10