Review of Jacquelyn Velvets vs Constance

Review of Constance’s Crazy CinemasJacquelyn Velvets vs Constance – 16 mins

Jacquelyn Velvets and Constance are ready to dominate in a prostyle shiny unitard wrestling match! They’re looking sexy in their shiny dark blue and lime green unitards, respectively! Constance quickly takes the lead with a knee cuntbust to Jacquelyn’s cunt, then Constance’s punches her right in the face! Jacquelyn falls right to the floor, and Constance pins her to the ground for a 3 count. Point for Constance! Jacquelyn quickly retaliates by punching Constance in that stomach and throwing her in a head hold! Next a head scissorhold! Then Jacquelyn punches Constance square in the face while she’s defenseless! Jacquelyn’s turn to pin Constance down and take a point!! Back and forth both ladies fight, each playing dirty to get their pins and points! Who will win this shiny unitard wrestling match?

More pro-style action from the awesome Constance. This time taking on Jacquelyn Velvets, which is another battle of the booties just like it was when Constance took on Sinn Sage. And just like that one, my main draw to this video was the shiny one piece suits, converse boots and knee pads. Also like Constance’s match with Sinn this too was back and forth, but this one was all about KOs and pins with both Jackie and Constance scoring pins several times before the end. That’s a big plus over the other one, for me. There were a few low blows to help turn the tide, which made the match more fun to watch. Also another plus is that this one was shot in the SKW studio, so the lighting is excellent. In the end, Constance scored the final. KO and pin over Jackie, who of course gives us some of her patented eye rolling on before going out. Overall, this one was at least a tick better in just about every way than the one with Sinn, which I still enjoyed by the way, but out of the two, this is the better one.

Overall score: 9/10