Review of Jackie’s Knockout Audition

Review of Fem Wrestling Rooms Jackie’s Knockout Audition – 15.5 mins

Watch out FWR fems! There’s a new over-the-top, eye crossing, tongue out, twitching fem at FWR! The cute Jackie Jupiter introduces herself and gives her special audition to becoming a new FWR girl. She proceeds to knock herself out with a sleeperhold, choke, face punches, heart punch, self-inflicted low blow, temple drill, black jack hit, taser, belly punches, nerve pinch, and a second sleeper hold. We think you’ll ADORE this newest addition to FWR and we hope you’ll send us LOTS of custom scripts for her and the other girls!

Oh man! This is the way all the new girls should be introduced. I know we met our newest FWR fem, Jackie, in the previous update, but you know what I mean. She did a fairly normal match last time, where we got to see her lose a little and then win a little, but now we get to see her do some nice OTT selling, which is exactly what I wanted to see her do next. Now, granted she’s not the best OTT seller, I never expected her to be, and I assume she’s never done anything quite like this before, but she was good and did everything in a way I enjoyed. I like that she was meant to be having a fun knocking herself out and it did feel like she really was having a good time. She seems pretty flexible, with putting herself in a sleeper hold, that looks better than you would expect and kicking herself in that crotch, which was whole new way to see a self-administered low blow, so hopefully we’ll be seeing her show off some more of that flexibility. She gave us lots of really nice OTT reactions, eye crossing, tongue out and twitching. Her twitching was particularly amusing to me as it seemed like she was get shocked every few seconds. And I loved that she had shoes on, as I prefer boots or shoes over bare feet any day. The whole point is, that has made me an instant fan of Jackie Jupiter, I like her look, her attitude and I now I know that when asked to, she can definitely sell some nice OTT KOs, that will only get better with time. Which I hope we do get to see her doing some more of soon.

Overall Score: 9.9/10