Review of Jackie’s Boxing Lesson

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsJackie’s Boxing Lesson – 12 mins

We join Jackie in one corner of the boxing ring confidently shadow boxing and mouthing off about what a great boxer she is. Summer stands in her corner, slightly amused at the tiny girl’s antics. The bell rings and the fun begins as Jackie walks right into a series of head snapping punches given by Summer. A hard uppercut drops Jackie to her butt, dazed and confused. Summer continues the beating with face and body punches all around the ring while Jackie’s eyes roll and her tongue sticks out. The tough blond mocks and taunts poor Jackie, even giving her a lesson in boxing that Jackie is too punch drunk to learn from. In the end, Jackie is smashed in the chin by Summer’s uppercut and after a slow knockout she drops unconscious and twitching to the mat. Summer takes her victory pose then cleans up the ring by dragging Jackie out of the ring and back to the dressing room.

With what feels like perfect timing, we got another silly one sided boxing video to go along with my POV boxing vid with Persephone. This isn’t nearly as OTT as mine, of course, but we do get some tongue out stuff and there’s a little twitching for the final KO. I was pretty happy with Jackie’s performance here, she’s still a little new, but overall does quite well selling all the silliness in this video. Summer is the perfect heel for this, having just the right amount of cockiness mixed with some not really caring all too much. It works really for Summer as she’s literally beating Jackie silly. As I mentioned, Jackie does a pretty good job selling here, she makes great faces as she’s punches all over the ring and does a great job looking silly and dazed at the same time. I really liked how this ended too, with a little twitching before the 10 count and then Rick calls Summer back before she can leave telling her to clean up her mess. So she drags the limp Jackie from the ring to the dressing room. Then we get a little bonus as we see Summer leaving in her street clothes while Jackie is still sleeping it off on the couch. This is a really fun boxing vid that puts Jackie in a really good light for me, even though I already liked her, from what I’ve seen, but this made me even more interested in seeing more performances like this from Jackie.

Overall Score: 9/10