Review of Jab Fest: Tommie’s Story – Part Three

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsJab Fest: Tommie’s Story – Part Three – 15.5 mins

Tommie meets Becca outside the boxing ring and in an attempt to fluster her, gives her a little kiss on the lips then calls her the most powerful and beautiful person at FWR. But Becca doesn’t play Tommie’s game and leans in close saying, “I want you … in the ring.” This obviously flusters and confuses Tommie as we fade out to begin this jab fest! The punches fly back and forth with each female taking hard, head snapping hits. They both kiss the mat a few times but Becca gradually overpowers Tommie and in the end she’s standing over the knocked out brunette. While the storyline for these series of custom scripted boxing matches can be confusing, the intensity of these boxing beauties gives you an amazing video you’ll want to watch over and over again!

We’re are back with more jab fest action and as I mentioned last time, I think, or maybe some time before that and even Rick in the description here agrees with me… sort of. The plot to these series is so long and twisted, I don’t have any clue what’s going on. Like, does Tommie want to win, or is she just playing along, but really just looking to get knocked out… because she seemed scared and nervous in the intro, then came out confident and swinging, eventually losing and then waking up and cuddling up to Becca in the end basically asking to be punched in the face some more. So I don’t know what her goal was or is. But, I know what my goal was and that was to see Tommie and Becca get punched in that face a whole lot and that’s what I got, as always. Both ladies take some time giving and receiving punches to the face. They both get a knockdown or two in with Tommie getting knocked out. And they both look great in the outfits. So who cares what’s going on in this storyline, although I guess I wouldn’t mind if I had some idea what the plot line was. Nonetheless, I came here to see some ladies get punched in the face and I left here a happy camper, I more confused then I when I walked in happy camper, but a happy camper nonetheless.

Overall Score: 9/10