Review of Irene Silver Vs Skullkid The Rematch

Review of DJSleepyProductions Irene Silver Vs Skullkid The Rematch – 22 mins

Irene Silver is ready to once again challenge Skullkid in a one on one match for the championship that she lost to him. The championship couldn’t be there physically, but in spirit the title is definitely on the line in this match. Irene is determined to win back her championship as she was the first ever female champ at DJSleepyProductions. But Skullkid decides to end that determination with a low blow. And give Irene Silver a one sided domination in this match.

There has been one thing that has become incredibly clear to me and that is the amount of charisma pouring out of Irene Silver in every video she does is palatable. I have seen Irene work for several different productions and one thing remains the same. She brings her A game to every shoot she does. I choose to review this one, as it is just one of my recent favorite videos from DJSleepyProductions and puts a great spotlight on Irene’s selling skills. In this video Irene gets totally destroyed by Skullkid, and suffers through multiple KOs, pins and submissions. Irene’s A game keeps you glued to the screen, as you just can’t wait to see how she’s going to sell the next move. Every move Irene goes through she sells to the best of her ability and she has great abilities! So support a great up and coming production and watch a really stellar performance from the amazing Irene Silver.

Overall Score: 9.5/10