Review of Infiltrating the Military Base

Review of Kayla ObeyInfiltrating the Military Base – 11 mins

You’ve broken into the military base and need to get past all the armed guards. You take each one out with hits to the pussy, belly, tits, or neck. Most hits are to the crotch as you’re rather sadistic. Some of the soldiers are patrolling and demand to know who you are, others you’ve caught off guard, but you take them out all the same. As they each fall to a heap their bodies twitch.

Kayla brings us another of the fan favorite, gun down Kayla style videos. This time she plays a bunch of Kayla sentry clones, who are guarding, working out, hanging out, or slacking off around the compound.  This one is extra good for two reasons. One, all of the clones twitch after meeting their demise. And you guys know twitching is my favorite thing to add to any video to make it better. And two, all the clones are in slightly different outfits. So we get clones in baseball caps, and without, clones in boots, shoes and barefoot, clone it tanks and sports bra, or clones in yoga pants, booty shorts or underwear. The cycling of outfits means that pretty much whatever you love to see Kayla in most probably makes an appearance in this video. This is definitely one of my favorite gun down Kayla videos I’ve seen in a while.

Overall Score: 9.9/10