Review of I want to drink

Review of Sex Beauty with BalloonsI want to drink – 8 mins

Girl is not alone in the room. A neighbor is spying on her. He watches how the girl is chatting on the phone, then she begins to take a selfie photo. The girl is thirsty. She takes a sip of water and falls. Her eyes roll and her tongue falls out. She wakes up and drinks water again. The girl does not understand what is happening. She falls on her back twice and falls on her stomach once. The neighbor leaves the room, the girl continues to lie on the floor. I wonder why the water was unusual?

This is another video from my new Ukrainian friend, Nastya. This is a very simple video that really shows off how great her eye rolling and tongue protrusion is. She does several quick KOs all from the drugged water. She can’t seem to figure out that it’s the water causing her to black out. Also she’s got a nice sexy outfit on, with skin tight pants and heels. I’ve gotten some custom videos from Nastya that i’ll hopefully be able to review for you guys soon and really show you just how great she can really perform. 

Overall Score: 9/10