Review of I.O. vs Wrestling Doll 5

Review of Sparrow SummersI.O. vs Wrestling Doll 5 – 15 mins

Sparrow has been captured and put in a bedroom she just can’t seem to escape! She tries to fight her way out while being menaced by an invisible opponent who delivers devastating KOs, only revealing themselves long enough for humiliating face grabs and limb checks. Sparrow’s poor belly takes quite a beating when she’s not being slapped silly! Watch sparrow be wrenched around the room and tossed around helplessly, while every attempt to get up is punished. Each video comes with a new look for our little ragdoll and the beloved twitch fest. With every video sparrow grows more dazed and helpless. When will she just accept her fate?

Sparrow and I have been working together through the majority of this pandemic creating a bunch of these videos, 6 to be exact, with more on the way. The idea is pretty simple, Sparrow wakes up in a room, gets beaten up and knocked out a bunch of times by some invisible foe, with a little help from the POV camera person and of course it’s all done OTT and not too seriously. I haven’t tried to progress a storyline or anything, just wanted to see the sexy Sparrow Summers doing some sext OTT KOs. So, I’ve pretty much just had her change outfits and do it again, which is how we’ve ended up with all these very similar clips. This one though is one of my favorites of the bunch. Here her outfit is amazing, I love the shiny pink and the big black boots. I keep asking her to wear the boxing gloves, even though there isn’t really any boxing action, I just love the look. And her hair cut like that with the pigtails is magnificent. Of course the action is great too, with a bunch of KOs and twitching, but in this particular video, she tosses herself off the bed for some KOs, which just makes them more fun and the POV grabs her face, showing off a dazed Sparrow to the camera, which I just totally loved. So, although Sparrow is gorgeous and great in all these clips, if a had to recommend one, this would probably be it, with the 4th and 6th being right up there with it.

Overall Score: 9.5/10