Review of I Beat Up a Lady Wrestler!

Review of Modest Moms WrestlingI Beat Up a Lady Wrestler! – 9 mins

Why would a Jobber wear white, to fight a well known, pretty face smashing, bad ass bitch! Enter Athena Law. So cocky and confident, wearing only a bra and tight jeans. Athena is confident in her abilities when it comes to beating chicks up. Enter Alexandria Hamilton! Gorgeous jobber, gorgeous pro attire. All smiles, and ready for a good match! Oh Alex, if you only knew what Athena was about to do to you on camera. Athena DOMINATES Alex. Beating the Jobber sense lss, and silly. Such an amazing belly beat down! Such an amazing squash match. The punching, the trash talk, the bouncing booty’s! The kicking and kneeing of Alex’s soft belly! The hair pulling and bitch slapping, the trampling, the plane domination! If you love watching Athena make another woman squeal, you have found an instant classic!

It’s always nice to see Athena beating down Alex, in this case it’s all belly punishment, but I do think it’s safe to say that Athena used ever form of belly punishment she could think of, which helps keep things interesting, because it’s not just belly punching all day. Of course, Alex is completely at Athena’s mercy, nothing she could do to even slow down the onslaught she was receiving, And even thought this was all belly punishment, I still got a KO at the end, no pin, but a KO, I can’t always get everything I want. Overall, it’s great fun to watch Alex helpless as he gets squashed, in pretty much any way possible. Athena is always great at being the ruthless hell and together the work great together, even when the storylines have Alex coming out on top. I know this is an older vid, but Athena just got back to MMW for some kind of hiatus and I haven’t seen any of those clips yet, but I know I will soon and I can’t wait to review them for you guys.

Overall Score: 8.5/10