Review of Hannah Goes Too Far

Review of Fetishlands Fight NightHannah Goes Too Far – 20 mins

Hannah challenges Sumiko to a boxing match after Sumiko posted embarrassing pictures of her on Twitter. Sumiko accepts the challenge. Hannah beats Sumiko down until she goes out. Whenever Sumiko goes down, Hannah picks her back up. Lucy tries to stop Hannah, but she keeps beating Sumiko. Lucy finally knocks down Hannah and drags Sumiko out of the room.

Here’s a video I requested a long time ago, but I am just getting around to reviewing it. This is a brutal one sided boxing beatdown. Hannah absolutely dominates Sumiko from the very start. Hannah knocks down and knocks out Sumiko repeatedly until Sumiko goes full ragdoll, but that’s not enough for the enraged Hannah, as she continues the beatdown on the defenseless Sumiko, until finally Lucy Purr walks in. Lucy tries to reason with Hannah, explaining that she’s already won the fight and proved her point, but Hannah just isn’t ending it. Lucy finally pulls Hannah off Sumiko. Sumiko crumbles lifelessly to the floor and now Hannah is pissed at Lucy, but that doesn’t last as a low blow and an uppercut drops Hannah like a rock. Then Lucy drags Sumiko away to safety. Everyone knows by now just how great Sumiko is a playing the jobber, so it should be no surprise to hear she’s incredible here too. Amazing over the top reactions from beginning to end, with all the Sumiko selling traits we love to see. Hannah is also great as the pissed off heel, who has no mercy for Sumiko and probably would’ve beaten her to death if it wasn’t for Lucy.  All you guys who love seeing Sumiko take a beating, this is one that can’t be missed.

Overall Score: 10/10