Review of Hannah Can’t Fight

Review of Fetishlands Fight NightHannah Can’t Fight – 20 mins

This is a POV boxing match versus Hannah Perez. Hannah struts into the room with her boxing gloves on kind of cocky, talking some trash briefly. However, this soon becomes a very one-sided fight. You start to knock Hannah down — a lot. Hannah reacts with eye crossing and eye rolls. Occasionally, her tongue protrudes. Each time you take her down, you have to drag punchdrunken Hannah Perez back to her feet for more punishment. Eventually, Hannah is no more than a human punching bag. Your jabs, crosses and uppercuts, continue to send Hannah Perez crumbling to the floor. As the match progresses, Hannah gets sloppier and begins drooling. Her knockdowns get longer, but you show no mercy and repeatedly drag her back up for more. After 20 minus of punishment, you finally leave poor broken Hannah Perez twitching and drooling on the floor, a defeated loser.

Got a POV boxing clip here from the amazing Hannah Perez, it’s not often that we get to see Hannah in POV action, so that’s already a plus for this one. Also, you just got to love the naturally silly nature of Hannah’s selling when it comes to her doing any type of OTT action. She makes the greatest facial expressions and is generally stumbling and tossing herself all over the place. If you don’t know what I mean by that, this video is the perfect example. Hannah comes in super confident and happy that she’s finally got the chance to put you in your place. Then instantly starts getting her butt kicked. She gets knocked down a lot and it all over the place, putting on a fantastic jobber performance for us all to see. She gradually gets worn down, exhausted from the endless punches and knocked down. Then eventually gets knocked out. The knock out though, is very brief and doesn’t seem super final, as the POV seems to be dragging her back to her feet for more, but the video comes to a close. Other than not getting the kind of “she’s definitely out for the night” kind of KO ending I love to see. This was a wonderful POV boxing video and a rare one, you’re unlikely to see again anytime soon.

Overall Score: 9/10