Review of Going Down the River

Review of Ghosty’s Fetish BoxGoing Down the River – 36 mins

A nameless woman rudely enters someone’s home after crashing her car on the highway. The man was a Collector for The Boss but retired to the outskirts to get out of the life he led. But after seeing the woman pass out from her injuries he could help but see what The Boss would pay for a prime template like herself…

I got this video back when it was new, which feels like about 8 years ago and we haven’t seen River again on Ghosty’s site since. It’s a good video and I enjoyed River’s performance, so I’m gonna talk about it. The idea behind this video is an interesting one. Poor River crashes her car, but is able to make it to this guy’s house nearby, before conveniently passing out, shortly after arriving. Of course this random guy, just so happens to be very interested in an attractive, unconscious young girl. Once the story is all set up, we get the kind of limp, clothing removal and extra KOs that you know and love from these kinds of videos. River does some nice eye rolling and is great at being totally limp and out of it. As far as looks goes, she is the type of girl I really love, tattoos, rock band t-shirt, ripped jeans, your kind of typical punk rock girl. I don’t know if we’ll ever see River again, but I certainly hope so. 

Overall Score: 9/10