Review of Glitch

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Review of Kayla ObeyGlitch – 9 mins

You pick up your favorite video game and pop it in the console. You’re excited and impatient as it loads.  The game prompts you to ‘Select Fighter’ and without hesitation you pick your favorite character: Kayla! The way she is knocked down is just so erotic and she comes with a very hot selection of outfits. You queue Kayla up and she gets ready to kick some ass, as she has many times before, there’s just one problem, the game has a glitch. You start the game and she walks in, wearing her all black fighter outfit and fingerless gloves. She is taken off guard however, as she is slammed hard in the face. “What was that? Who did that?” It seems that the game is glitching so all her opponents are invisible, this has never happened before! She’s hit hard again and is now rather confused and concerned. She’s hit in the face and stomach before falling completely limp to the floor. You aren’t done playing yet. Kayla walks back in. “Lives Remaining: 4” the game tells you, one less than a moment ago. Kayla is hit relentlessly by the invisible opponents as the game glitches out. She’s knocked down spread eagle onto her back. “Lives Remaining: 3” Kayla stands and turns to you “The game must be glitching! Only you can fix this…please.” She begs you and tells you she just cannot fight like this, she stands no chance. But little does she know you’re rather enjoying watching her get her ass kicked. Another round passes with Kayla getting hit in the crotch, belly, and face as she cries out and tries to defend herself to no avail. She’s out limp, landing in a humiliating position with her ass in the air. You’re enjoying this but time to switch things up a little, you remove some of her clothing before starting the next round. The next few rounds pass with Kayla standing no chance against her invisible opponents, begging you to patch the game and fix the glitch. She’s subjected to one humiliating defeat after the other, the enemies mopping the floor with her until you get bored and let the life counter run out. Kayla’s body is left frozen in the black and white Game Over screen.

Kayla Obey is up to her old antics again, this is of course, finding herself in another terrible situation. This time poor Kayla has to faces off against more invisible opponents, ones the she can’t see either, because you know, sometimes she has those opponents that she can see but we can’t.  Nonetheless, the results are usually the same, which is Kayla getting her butt kicked, which we all love to see. In this one I love that it’s fighting bases. Even though I love seeing Kayla get gunned down like everyone else, fighting is more my style. The KOs poses are really good too, as Kayla hits all our favorites. As a little bonus, we get a little begging, as Kayla pleads with you, more near the end, to fix the game before she runs out of lives, a nice touch. I also love this outfit, very sexy and those boots are just awesome. Overall, this is another nice custom idea made awesome by Kayla Obey. I can’t wait to see what terrible situation Kayla finds herself in next.

Overall Score: 9.5/10