Review of GIANT’S WRATH 14

Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldGIANT’S WRATH 14 – 43 mins

Finally, the much anticipated continuation of GIANT’S WRATH 13, which featured Monroe’s devastating defeat at the hands of the devilish Kristie Etzold. This one picks up right where that one left off, with Anne-Marie receiving the video message that has Monroe being to be rescued and Anne heading off to save the day, like the modern day superheroine she aspires to be. Next we see Kristie in the mat room boasting about what she did to Monroe and what she’s going to do to Anne-Marie. While she continues to brag, we see Anne sneaking in for the back of the room cattle prod in hand.  She doesn’t make a peep as she sneaks up and zaps Kristie with the prod. Kristie drops from the shock, but isn’t out. Anne fixes that with a quick sleeper hold that finishes Kristie off. Anne is so proud of her successful sneak attack that she immediately starts trash talking to the camera about all the things she’s going to do and how much revenge she’s going to get for Monroe and how things are going to start to change around here. You all know this is a huge mistake, as Kristie recovers and finds the cattle prod on the floor. Looks like Kristie is going to be the only one getting revenge today as she zaps Anne in the back and Anne drops to the mats, twitching like a fish out of water. From this point forward Anne is treated to the same kind of punishment Monroe was treated to. Kristie uses a ton of incredibly painful moves that leave Anne-Marie knocked out, twitching and drooling on multiple occasions. She makes sure to make good use of the cattle prod Anne-Marie attacked her with too. Kristie plays with her nearly lifeless toy for almost 40 minutes and then finally feels like she’s done enough to Anne-Marie. But Kristie can’t just leave Anne laying there, so for the final act in her show, she puts the cattle prod under Anne’s back and leaves it on causing Anne to twitch wildly until the batteries run flat. This is another stunning and brutal squash match you do not want to miss!

Talk about trying one up someone! When I saw Monroe get absolutely destroyed by Kristie, I didn’t think I could really get much better than that, but man, was I wrong. Anne-Marie and Kristie find a way to kick it up a notch, making this one even more brutal and devastating than what happened to Monroe. Which is really saying something. One of the major things that makes this one even more brutal than its predecessor, is the continual use of the cattle prod. Best part is, Anne-Marie is the one who brought the cattle prod into the fight and was the one it got used on the most. Which I love, because not only did she start the fight, but she brought the weapon, then got the weapon used against her and lost the fight she started in truly devastating fashion. And that’s not even talking about Anne’s selling yet. You all know Anne is one of the best jobbers on the planet and she shows exactly why I say that with such confidence here. There are tons of amazing OTT reactions, with twitching from wall to wall, basically, aside from when she’s being pinned. Of course Kristie is loving every second of it, talking tons of trash and laughing all the way through, like a great heel should. This is easily, in my opinion, another must own video for all fans of crazy OTT, one-sided action. Even the ending is a great bonus, as Kristie leaves the cattle prod under the defeated Anne-Marie, leaving her twitching wildly until the eventual fade to black. Even though I think I made it clear that I am a bigger fan of Anne getting squashed by Kristie than I was of Monroe. Don’t get it twisted, both of these videos easily make my favorites list and I wouldn’t miss out on either of them, if I were you.

Overall Score: 10/10