Review of Getting Lucky! Maledom POV Boxing

Review of Hit The Mat Getting Lucky! Maledom POV Boxing – 12 mins

Wanna get Lucky?  Now’s your chance as she challenges you to an apartment boxing match in her workout room!  Lucky throws some quick strikes in her pink Windy boxing gloves, but you fire back and immediately Lucky is dazed and dizzy, and soon popping out of her top!  “You” then go on to dominate and humiliate Lucky in a one sided boxing beatdown. This maledom boxing POV features quite a bit of eye rolling / eye crossing, dizzy girl play and close ups of low blows! After Lucky is KO’d, we get a long pan of the defeated beautiful boxer out flat on her back almost spread eagle with her nipples exposed.

This is a video that I’ve been meaning to review for a while now, as this was released some time again and I didn’t not hesitate to pick this one up, as I imagine most of you did as well. Nonetheless, I have got to cover such a wonderful video like this, starring another favorite of mine in an excellent POV boxing cli. The amazing Lucky dons a pair of boxing gloves and dares you to talk her on. Much like many of her boxing experiences in the past, she talks a good game, but this quickly goes bad for her. In no time at all Lucky is dazed and confused, only soon to be picking herself up off the floor. In her defense, you don’t fight fair, punching her while she’s down and taking every chance you get to punch her in the crotch. Needless to say this doesn’t end well for Lucky, as she ends up out cold and exposed for yet another crushing defeat. Any fan of Lucky shouldn’t miss this clip. She always puts on a wonderful show for us and is always an excellent victim. Lucky’s been away from the fight scene for a little while, but she’s on the way back and I can’t wait to see what fun ways HTM and others are going to defeat her next.

Overall Score: 9.5/10