Review of Game Over with Cali Logan

Review of Cali Logan’s Power and PerilGame Over with Cali Logan – 12 mins

In this epic POV sexy adventure, Cali Logan is set to challenge the evil warlord and put a stop to him once and for all!   As Cali flexes and looks sexy and hot in her tight black heroine attire, the quest begins and she goes through the door to search out the end boss warlord once and for all to bring peace and happiness to the land! However, the Warlord is already scouting Cali coming from his lair and has the advantage already.  As soon as Cali steps into the Warlord’s lair and tries to find anything she can use to put an end to him, the Warlord pops up from behind his hiding place and catches her off guard. When Cali tries to challenge him to a fight, the Warlord instead pulls out a foreign object and starts to zap poor Cali with it, making her shake and squirm standing up before she falls down to the floor and ends up losing one of her chances to take the Warlord down. The good thing is that this is just a video game and Cali is granted more chances.  The biggest problem is that every time Cali is able to get closer and closer to the Warlord’s layer, the Warlord keeps getting the jump on her and keeps knocking her down and rendered her to a twitching mess on different areas, from a couch, to the floor, and even against a fireplace.  There is a moment during one of her chances that she is able to get a few punches thrown in and seems to have the upper hand.  Sadly, she keeps getting zapped and twitched all over the place until all her chances are used up and then it’s game over for poor sexy Cali Logan when her last chance is finally used up.  The camera does a great job of panning and zooming on Cali’s sexy figure as every chance gets used up, and the hope that Cali will eventually take the Warlord down will have to wait until the next time this video game gets played.

This Cali video is done in a style that reminds me of some of the older Kayla Obey videos, where it is just a simple concept done very well. In fact, Kayla had done a video called Game over, or game over girl, very similar to this one. The idea here is simple, sexy superheroine Cali Logan is on a mission to take down some evil doer, but instead gets taken down herself. She attacked with some kind of laser weapon that causes her to twitch and convulse before going out and that twitching continues after she out too. Then rinse and repeat. It’s simple, right to the point and I love it. You guys know any video with twitching gets extra points from me right away. Another thing that gets some extra points is KO poses and Cali does one of my favorite face down positions here several times, as well as some laid out over the couch positions I love to see. So, if you want to see the sexy superheroine Cali get repeatedly taken down and left twitching on the floor, or the couch, then this is the video for you!

Overall Score: 9.5/10