Review of Galas VS You: Galas’ Glass Jaw POV Boxing

Review of Galas Balloons and Fetish ClipsGalas VS You: Galas’ Glass Jaw POV Boxing – 20 mins

POV boxing battle with Galas with face and belly punching! Jobber Galas really gets worked over in this one. Poor Galas even gets her clothes removed during the match leaving her embarrassed and naked down to just her boxing gloves, socks and sneakers. Silly Galas thinks she can end the fight early by just lying there defeated… NO WAY! You help her to her feet just to get knocked down again over & over!

We got to go way back in time for this one, just kidding, it was released only about a year ago, and ordered a few months before that. However, It’s easily worth checking out. Galas is another of the super talented models, especially when it comes to OTT videos. She got a bunch of OTT videos that I had nothing to do with, a few I have covered here in the past and they are absolutely phenomenal. (See: Faith Dominates Galas Round 2 & Kobe Dominates Galas) I haven’t seen one of those in a while, but maybe this little review will inspire those responsible to make a few more. This one however, I am responsible for. It is par for the course as you would expect for me, but Galas does make it special. First of all, I love the pink outfit, although it doesn’t last too long, I certainly love the look. Then there was the addition of the mouth piece. I don’t remember if I specifically asked for that, but I do love how she lets it drop from her mouth with a river of drool behind it. She ends up in great KO positions with nice camera angles that show just how knocked out she is. And her struggles to stay in the fight are excellent. I really love Galas as a jobber and it’s been too long since I last saw her really take on the role like she did her and in the other videos i mentioned. Someone as good as Galas needs to be used more often. 

Overall Score: 11/10