Review of Galas Dominates Faith

Review of Galas Balloons and Fetish ClipsGalas Dominates Faith – 16 mins

Faith is stretching for her upcoming match when Galas walks and tells her to clear the room she’s going to train. Faith tells her she’s the new girl and she already has a match for the title. Galas laughs and tells Faith she doesn’t stand a chance against Arielle. Faith mocks Galas loss against Arielle. Galas says: if your so confident how bout a match after the match with Arielle? Faith confidently agrees. Galas leaves. The camera returns and Faith is topless with thong completely laid out. Galas laughs and puts her feet on Faiths face and trash talks her. She then decides to start the match. She slaps Faith a lil awake. Faith starts crawling away and Galas laughs and punt kicks Faith knocking her out. She quickly rolls Faith on her back and goes for the first leg hook pin. But before the count of three she stops. She grabs Faith by the face and tells her she’s sick of being a good girl, bad girls have more fun. She pulls the ko’ed Faith to her feet and gives her a . Faith is just a ragdoll, she starts drooling all over herself and Galas doesn’t let go. Faith is out held up only by Galas. Galas finally lets go and Faith drops to the floor. Galas puts her feet in Faith’s throat, Faith’s eyes roll to the back of her head but remains out. Galas tells the camera no more People’s Champ. She then grabs Faith by the hair and puts Faith on her knees, stands behind Faith and grabs her hair rag dolls her a lil bit. Then begins belly punching Faith again and again. Till Faith falls to the side. Galas then pulls Faith back to her knees and grabs her in a dragon Faith begins to twitch aggressively while still out, but Galas doesn’t let go. Faith finally stops twitching and Galas smacks Faith’s breast and checks on her arms. Galas then lets Faith fall on her back. Galas then tells the camera shes going to debut her new finisher. She pulls Faith up to her feet then grabs Faith in a full nelson and applies pressure, she ragdolls Faith from side to side. Faith’s eyes roll to the back of her head and drools. Galas doesn’t let go, Faith’s legs fail her and she falls on her knees but Galas still doesn’t let go. Galas doesn’t let go, Faith slips away. Galas as soon as Faith fell on the ground grabs her and puts her back on the full nelson. Faith lays motionless in the full nelson as Galas displays her to the camera. Galas finally lets go and Faith quickly drops to the ground. Galas then rolls Faith on her back and applies a leghook pin looking straight at the camera. After the count Galas grabs faith by the hair and shows her to the camera then victory pose!

This is a relatively new series of videos that Galas has been doing, where a poor jobber girl gets ragdolled around, beaten up and humiliated for a while. All the other vids have Galas being the ragdoll that gets beaten up and those are fantastic. A set of videos that were made with me in mind, not really, but could be. However, I am covering this one first because of Faith. Those that don’t know Faith yet, soon will as she has exploded onto the scene as “the next big thing” as far as jobbing is concerned. Already earning a title like “drool queen” and yours truly has already done a custom with her where she clearly shows how she’s earned that title. I can’t wait for you guys to see. So, it’s exciting to her doing her jobbing thing in some new places. I really love the pure domination and mercilessness displayed in this video. Faith is out cold for the beginning to the end. There is some nice OTT reaction, with Faith twitching and drooling as Galas puts her through several different moves. Oh and I almost forgot, Galas is totally naked the whole time, because why not? That’s also a pretty highpoint of this video. So, if you love seeing some poor ragdoll getting beaten up by a ruthless and naked heel, then look no further than this excellent video.

Overall Score: 10/10