Review of G.05TY: 0 – Bad Guys: 1

Review of Ghosty’s Sleepy HouseG.05TY: 0 – Bad Guys: 1 – 14 mins

G.05TY was sent to find the secret formula The Evil Boss has been spiking his chloroform with by her agency. Not quite used to her newfound role as a field agent, she makes several mistakes while snooping and ends up knocking herself out multiple times. Shocks, gas, syringes, and a not too bright sampling of several vials ends up leaving her an eyerolling mess and putty in the Boss’s arms…

Here is a video from production that is new-ish, or at least it’s new-ish to me, Ghosty’s Sleepy House, a nice sleepy/limp play production. This is not the first video I’ve seen from them, but this is one that I feel does a good job showcasing what kind of videos you’re going to get from them. This one stars Ghosty herself, showing off KOs and some of the silliness that tend to be in their videos. Something I like about Ghosty’s videos is that they are never too serious and are often kind of silly, either through the things Daryl says and does, or just Ghosty acting a fool and getting herself knocked out. They have a nice cast of local girls and some known visitors as well. In this one, agent Ghosty is searching the place for something, but just ends up knocked out again and again, until the boss man shows up and takes her away, after a brief confrontation. It’s a simple video, with simple KOs and simply works well. I think this is a good introductory video for Ghosty’s Sleepy House.

Overall Score: 8/10