Review of Foxy Fist Fighters

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsFoxy Fist Fighters – 16 mins

The girls are in the ring for one reason … to destroy their rival with nothing but bare fisted punches. There are no words spoken, only the sounds of bare knuckles smacking into faces and bellies in this 5 round fight. Each beautiful fighter gets her share of punches, each foxy fighter drops from an onslaught of hits, and each fighter ends a round either knocked out or standing victorious. The punches are hard, the reactions are intense, and the knockdowns are inevitable. Who is the tougher fist fighter? It’s hard to tell as the match progresses but even though both girls are exhausted in the final round one beauty finds an inner strength, pounds her rival on the ropes, pulls her to the center of the ring for a humiliating goodnight kiss …. And drops her with a huge uppercut. Don’t miss this spectacular fight between two foxy fighters!

Who doesn’t love some good fisticuffs action between two beautiful ladies? I know I love it and we have a really nice one here between Summer and Mackenzi. This is a no nonsense fight, as they don’t even take the time to talk some trash first, the just get right after each other from the opening moments of this video. There are a few things I really love about this one, the first and most important thing is there are several rounds that only end with a KO. I am a big fan of multi KO matches like this. The next thing is the building exhaustion. Neither one of them get really tired out, but by the final round, you can tell they are both warn down. I also love the punch drunkenness, before each KO you can see the girl that is going down starts to look out on her feet. That’s a necessary detail for me and both Summer and Mackenzi sell that well. And the last thing I love about this one, and probably the least important feature is, they are both wearing boots and knee pads. That is a pair of accessories I absolutely adore. It doesn’t make or break a video, but it definitely adds points in my book when they are included. Overall, Summer and Mackenzi put on a great show for us and looked great while doing it.

Overall Score: 9.5/10