Review of Fight with boyfriend

Review of Sex Beauty with BalloonsFight with boyfriend – 21 mins

Nastya bursts through the door where her boyfriend (POV) is sitting watching TV, minding his own business. Nastya is super excited about some kind of fight training class she took at the gym today. She really wants to show him what she’s learned, claiming that she is sure that she can beat him up now. Her boyfriend couldn’t care less and tries to wave her off, but Nastya isn’t going to take no for an answer. She drags him to his feet, egging him on, but he’s still not interested. Nastya continues to boast and call him names trying to get him to fight with her. Nothing seems to bother him, so she punches him in the face. The punch doesn’t really hurt him, but now he’s finally interested in fighting her. He quickly recovers from Nastya’s blow and motions for her to bring it on. Nastya gets even more excited now that her BF has agreed to fight her. She strikes her fighting pose and goes to punch him again. This time however, he is expecting the punch, which he dodges and counters with an uppercut. Nastya is caught completely off guard by this and is totally knocked out co*d. Nastya hits the floor spread eagle on her back and lays twitching with her tongue out. Nastya is out for about 30 seconds before she finally starts to wake up. The uppercut clearly rattled Nastya’s world, as she’s pretty punch dru*k and has a pretty hard time getting enough balance and strength to get back to her feet. Once back to her fit Nastya challenges him again, even though she’s clearly still pretty out of it. She says that was a lucky shot and a cheap shot, and that it won’t happen again. He again motions for her to bring it on and Nastya stumbles towards him attempting to throw a punch, but she’s weak and dizzy and that punch doesn’t come close to her mark. Instead she hits nothing, causing her to fall back to the floor. She still has trouble getting back to her feet, but eventually gets back up again. Still looking to prove herself, she goes for another attack. This attack is more on target, but still very weak. He lets her punch him, but it has no effect on him. He waits for a moment while Nastya tries to steady herself, on her wobbly legs, to take another swing, but before she can take another punch, he delivers a simple jab to her nose, stopping her de*d in her tracks….The fighting might be done but her BF decides to take advantage of the situation. He starts playing with her face, while she’s out, checking her eye, playing with her tongue and slapping her cheeks to make sure she’s out for good. A few times he pulls Nastya up into a sitting position, just to watch her slump back over and continue twitching. He does this over and over again between playing with her face. After about 5 minutes of this li*p play he finally decides to leave Nastya alone, but first, he flips her onto her belly, puts her arms down at her sides and spreads her legs.

 This is a really nice boxing POV from my new friends from Ukraine. This is Nastya’s personal productions, but she works with the Shine Leather Heaven production too. RIght now they are both not making new content, for reasons I assume you can understand, but they are still updating their stores. This video is one Nastya made for me and for someone who hasn’t done a POV boxing video before, this came out surprisingly well. It is a little amature looking, but I think that’s acceptable seeing how she’s never done a POV like this before. Nastya comes in basically begging her boyfriend to fight her, claiming she’s learned some new moves at the gym. He couldn’t be less interested, but she keeps on him, until she gets what she wants. Unfortunately for Nastya, her BF is much stronger than her and KOs her pretty easily. She wakes up and tries to fight him again, but gets KOd again. Eventually, she totally knocked up and we get some ragdolling and face play before her BF went back to what he was doing, before he was so rudely interpreted. Even though this is my custom, it’s not super OTT, (we’ll work on that) but it is well performed and Nastya looks and sells fantastic. It’s easily worth checking out and is just a little thing we can do to help our friends in Ukraine. 

Overall Score: 9.5/10